Million Dollar Info-Niche Report

Million Dollar Info Niche Report

Million Dollar Info Niche Report

3 Reasons – Why You Need To Read This Report!


Hello and thank you for taking a look inside my new book; the “Million Dollar Info Niche Report”.  I am grateful to have this opportunity to be able to share with you right now; all that I have learned in the past twenty years of my life, engaged in building a very successful information business from home. I hope this serves you well in your purpose today.


Should it interest you, I have included much more than a detailed explanation of what the information business is.  And more than why statistically the information business is the best business to start and be in now, and for decades to come.


I have mapped out specific components and key strategies that are necessary in having your own profitable info-business of your own to help you attain financial certainty and a promising future.


If you are seeking to start your own info-business, then this is one of the most powerful and strategic resources to launch it with – because I have included exactly what you need to create, build, grow and multiply your sales and profits with in your own business.

Million Dollar Info-Niche Report

Be warned though because if you need to learn every-single-thing about every-unnecessary-thing regarding this business; well-then you will be disappointed. You-got-me-there because unfortunately for you I honestly cannot in my good conscience, nor sober mind claim “every -unnecessary-thing” is in here.  Just the stuff you need. Which is: Everything that works.


Why veer off the path if destiny awaits –and when time does not?


When you follow through on what you learn here today, and you decide to use the systems I give you, you can immediately begin anew. You can become more, be more, and offer more value to the marketplace, and get paid accordingly.


But remember . . . in the end, only you are to blame for your outcomes, whether bad – or – good.  This time however you do have the advantage of success guiding you with the good stuff you need and the right stuff – that works.


“Whether you quit or persist, you alone guarantee your outcome”


There are three most-common reasons for which you may have decided to ‘look inside’ this book. Below they are listed, followed by – the answers you seek.


  1. Reason 1: My reason is to learn more details about the information business because I am considering the possibility of starting my own information business (some-day, some-time, in the future). “Who knows, maybe I will.”


  1. Reason 2: My reason is to make sure my ideas for an information product or service niche are good-enough to create an additional stream of income while I keep my day job. This will help me to pay off my bills sooner, allow me to save for my future, and open up a few extra bucks for fun, and entertainment on occasion for myself and or my family.


  1. Reason 3: My reason is to find out exactly what I need to do starting right now to create my first information product or service, and launch my new home based information business successfully. All I need is a proven path and a clear step by step blueprint to make it happen. I really want to do what I love, and create the lifestyle I dream of, just like the thousands before me have already done. I deserve a better life now. Today this becomes my reality. Teach me everything I need to know and do starting now. I am all in!


Got Different Reasons to Read This Book?                                       


Whether which of the three reasons mentioned above you are reading this book right now, (or if you have a different reason, perhaps somewhere in between ‘them’) I am glad you have decided to visit today because you are going to learn all you need to learn about the information business to satisfy all of your questions, concerns, and curiosities. Guaranteed. And then some!


If indeed you are looking to start your own home based information business today, I have some good news for you. You could even say that you just hit the jackpot, because I have included some Killer Bonus Stuff that will help you to quickly and easily create and build your own information product, service and business as well. I–KNOW!  What can I say, but that I am a giver of really-good-stuff-that-you-need-and that will works!


And in just minute or so below, I will explain this incredible opportunity to you in quick, exciting detail. You really do not want to miss this either, so look below for the title Free Killer Bonus Stuff. It is explained a page or so down after I give you this quick preview of what’s inside this enlightening home based information starter plan, and report. You know, the Juice of it.



 This Book – Contains the ‘Juice’!



This book contains the juice! You are about to discover something new, different and quite revealing about the information business. Something more powerful, more fun, and more simple to execute, and maybe, no, I would say probably, you are about to have one of those ‘Ah Hah’ moments when you continue beyond this Look Inside Section, and get into what I got for you inside my new book.


You know the ‘Ah-Hah’ moment right? When you finally receive that answer you knew you needed, but it has eluded you for way too long? You didn’t know what it was, but you know that-it-is when you finally read it?  Some people call that an epiphany, but when you get to that moment, chances are you won’t be shouting the “EPIPHANY!” out loud (during your elation of discovery). Instead, you will most likely say, “Ah-HAH!” so that’s what we’re going to go with today; The ‘Ah-Hah’ moment. And I know you are ready to experience your own ‘Ah-Hah’ moment – like yesterday if not right now, which can take you to where you want to be, and leave all those financial worries behind.  It’s about time, isn’t it?


In what follows, I hope I have chosen the correct path to reach you in my words and my reasons for them. I hope! Otherwise I certainly have failed you if this starts sounding like a sales pitch, because I assure you it is not. I am not selling you anything.


However, this is an offering unlike none other you have come across. Especially if it’s your own home business you want to start, because no matter at what stage you are at, whether you have a product already to sell, or a good idea of one, or no idea at all, this book (and the system within it) can literally help you create your business you seek starting as early as today. Yes – Today.


That “Killer-Bonus-Stuff?”


For all the ‘readers and reason-types’ stated and not stated above, I have included This Killer Bonus Stuff:  Just for downloading this Million Dollar Info Niche Report today, you a Free-VIP-Access-Pass to my successful online [Information-Product-Creation, and Business Start-Up System].


It’s called the “Total Home Business Blueprint”. . If you desire to create your own five or six figure, or Million Dollar Info Niche business of your own, to finally achieve the life you really want and deserve to live –now (and not sometime, somehow, in some other future) – now you can. And if your plan is to make the shift into controlling your financial future once and for all; this will help you make it happen. Guaranteed. With no confusion, no frustration, and with complete confidence, following a powerful, yet simple, sensible, fast and efficient system – that works.


The Total Home Business Blueprint Includes a free five day course of systematically proven, step by step [fill – in – the – blank] product creation blueprints. You simply fill in your blueprints you download for free, while watching me on video complete the same blueprints one by one, and step by step along with you until we have your product or service outlined or completed, and you are ready to get started in business.


Here’s Your Easy Free Process.


  1. You, log in to access the blueprints and videos.


  1. Download the blueprints, load the paired videos.


  1. Watch me fill in the Blanks as you do the same.


  1. Repeat 1-3, on four more videos and blueprints.


  1. Decide if you want to make money from home.


  1. Take it to the next level, start your business.


Watch Me Fill in Your First Blueprint Here




Like a lot of things – this sounds easy enough right? That should be a warning to you right from the get go. Because although this is easy enough to do (there’s an exact plan, a blueprint and system to follow step by step while watching me do it with you) The thing is – you actually have to do the stuff along with me.  Take away is: Real things that create real wealth are easy enough to do. The problem isn’t the things, it is the people, because it is also easy enough –not to do.

Epicurus established somewhere around 356 BC that as people we instinctively will steer away from pain, towards pleasure. It’s a simple survival instinct we all have within us. Pain is here – pleasure there –Pleasure is the preferred path. And if we cannot put off the pleasure – endure the pain for a bit now, then the pleasure will never be real that which we pretend to experience now –just for the sake of avoiding the pain altogether.  To most people doing work equals pain. For the small percentage of us who carve out their own destiny and control their finaincial future and design and a life of amazing experiences few others wil ever know of; Well we (they) understand this:  That truly, the pleasure is in both the pain of making it happen, and when it just so happens that they made it.


some it really is pain, lets face it


And that’s the major difference in what will make the major difference in how your life will turn out. I learned that from a man named Jim Rohn. An amazing philosophical paradigm shift he taught me, that changed everything instantly.


Essentially inside your free Total Home Business Blueprint course we leave nothing to chance. Frankly the only way to lose, or not succeed while using this book and the free course along with it, is if you were to just give up and not follow through. You know, “QUIT”!


And that’s not going to happen here. I know you are not a quitter because you are searching now in this new book for your solution to create the money you want to make, while creating the lifestyle you deserve, and want to live – now.


Certainly there is much more included besides the steps I mention above. There’s a bit more to read, to learn and to do to make it really happen. You got to admit, it is a pretty sweet deal when all you need to do is show up, download, watch videos, and then fill in the blanks along with me.


And, I really can’t make this any easier than free!


Skeptical?  Great, that’s a good thing too because ‘careful curiosity’ can be a strong sign of eager willingness to act (as long as you first know the right plan to act on). The only way to find that out is to –well, find that out of course. And you can find that out by clicking on the link below and inside this Million Dollar Info Niche Report – Book.


Find Out For Myself




Please don’t mistake my excitement, or my repetition in my message to you within this book for being any type of pressure towards you to either think a thing or act on a suggested action. 


There is no pressure for you to do anything here. I don’t need you to buy this book, or even take the free course. I really don’t. I am fortunate enough to be set financially. Besides as I write this introduction today, I am offering you a “Pressure Free” – “Free Course” to help YOU.


If you ever feel pressure on your own time, know this. Pressure comes from not taking action. That’s the rub.




“Change is a must, for change to be realized.”


In general, the reason you are reading this book is because you are seeking change. Significant change would be my first guess too. Am I close?


I’m not talking about “getting a haircut change” where it eventually all grows back to how it was. We are speaking of significant change, the kind of change where once it begins, there is no going backwards because of the life you are finally living is too dam great now that you have made the changes that make the difference in your life!  Like owning your own information business.


I am talking about significant change in the way of income and lifestyle freedoms.  And if there’s one thing you can get from reading this Million Dollar Info Niche Report, it is the change you will first experience today, when you learn then act on the information in it. And certainly when you apply it, using the Total Home Business Blueprint, watching me, step by step, showing you.


Caveman Style


Right Now: Make yourself a written note on a piece of paper with a pen (“Caveman-Style”) stating in the present that you are following through on your first video and blueprint after downloading and reading this Million Dollar Info Niche Report.


Don’t Miss It.


Don’t miss it. Miss a meal, miss the gossip, miss the bar, miss the TV show, but don’t miss this powerful shortcut to success –opportunity. You will be so glad when you decide to make the change and do something this different. That I can promise.


BTW: At the “” website I have included a voice-over, narrated copy of this same Million Dollar Info Niche Report.  I have a free pass for you inside this report.


 ‘There’ you will be able to download, watch, and listen to me read this same Million Dollar Info Niche Report aloud to you, while you read it along with me. I added it as a convenience to you to go back over it, if and when you want or need to as well in the future too. Listening while reading a report like this can really help you save time. (That is of course, if time is a thing you want to save).


The added benefit of listening while reading is enormous too because when you read a book while listening to it as a recording, studies show you can retain upwards of 30% more of what you read. And that’s a big difference in my book(s).


A Fair, Free Warning:


 Warning: Truth is, from this book, other books, and many other means of advertising; I get a ton of traffic. I receive 1000’s of joins, and sales monthly. My staff and I are nearly booked solid on the free side of this business creation system located at this web address: Total Home Business Blueprint dot com.


Therefore legally; I cannot promise you I can keep this free course (including all step by step product and business creation, action taking videos and fill-in-the-blank blueprints) OPEN and FREE for you to learn from, get from, act on and create your own total home information business from this moment on and forever, nor any finite amount of time thereafter. amount of time.


 It is the key to your good fortune, that whatever it is you want to do in this lifetime in order to change what is not working now, in order to secure and to live free from worry, calmly, peaceful and abundantly, to make the changes that make it all possible; that no matter what it is, you act on what you want –now.  


If you do not know yet what it is you must act on yet, act on this today. Find out. Never let it be said that you didn’t find out. That’s being lazy by choice. That’s how we live in regret. That’s not you.


 Don’t ever say to yourself, “someday I will get to it” because ‘that’ “some-day” never comes. Don’t you already know this stuff? Of course you do. So whatever it is you want to get to – get to it.


More Questions? Two Choices!


I am sure you have plenty of questions. I am also sure I have most, if not all of your questions answered in this Million Dollar Info Niche Report, and within the business creation system online. You have two simple choices. Each will only take you a little blip of time out of your entire life. Both of them will get you to where you plan to be.  Your choices are these:


  1. You can read this here and now, then go there. (To the Total Home Business Blueprint website)
  2. Or, you can go there first and read this over there too. Your choice.


Better Questions for Better Results!

When you finish reading this report, perhaps you can start asking the better questions too, like, “How much should I charge for this product I just created? “Rather than, How in this world, am I ever going to pay these bills again – THIS – month?


This Million Dollar Info Niche Report and your Free Bonus course located HERE and through links inside this report as well, is how you will get the answers you seek now. The big answers you know? The answers you seek to all the questions you got now, by showing you exactly what to do when, where, why and how, and for who, logically, systematically, and to successfully complete a total home information business product or service of your own. Moreover how to carve out your own destiny, and live your best life now rather than some-day, some-time, in some-future, because ‘that’ as you know by now, will never arrive. Not without a blueprint.


This Million Dollar Info Niche Report and The Total Home Business Blueprint is designed specifically to take you from where you are right now, to where you PLAN to be. Where do you plan to be?


Three Major Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now:


  1. Where are you NOW?
  2. Where do you PLAN to be?
  3. When will NOW be a good time?


The Change Begins, Let’s Get Started!


I look forward to meeting you inside the Million Dollar Info Niche Report by speaking with you, sharing this amazing opportunity that has changed countless entrepreneur’s lives. You will love this process. And you can do this simply by abiding by just one rule. Don’t Quit – That’s it!


With the Million Dollar Info Niche Report and the Total Home Business Blueprint – all you got is more to gain! See ya soon, and Thank You very much for reading this report! I am honored to help and serve you as much as I possibly can, so you can being today to carve out your best business and life – ever.


Here’s – to your best life now! ~ Tony Roberts